A curated directory of tips
and resources to help you lose weight

A curated directory of tips
and resources to help you lose weight

Manifesto: I got tired of long weight loss articles, so I built a collection of actionable no-bullshit tips. They are all based on my personal experience, studies, books, and shared experiences of other people. They helped me to lose over 20kg. In the process, I learned that losing weight is a simple process that requires just 2 things: motivation and knowledge. I'm sure this website will give you enough knowledge for losing the extra pounds. With knowledge comes excitement and that usually turns into motivation. Best of luck in your weight loss journey!

✅ Weight Loss Checklist

Losing weight is not one thing that you do and you start seeing results overnight. It is a mix of eating the right foods, doing enough exercise, and being mindful.

See the best tips to lose fat

🧠 Bad Habits

Our brains are stupid and our bodies are designed to store fat. Identify and eliminate those habits that might have a bad impact on your weight.

Turn a bad habit into a good one

🦉 Knowledge

Understanding how our body works is a critical step in losing weight and maintaining a good shape. We might be able to lose weight by following some guidelines, but in the long run, it is us that should decide what to eat.

Learn more about your body

📚 Books

Don't expect to read a book and lose those extra pounds overnight. Books have good insights and will help you understand things that you're doing wrong in the process of losing weight and they will provide you a little guidance.

Read the popular books on fat loss

📱 Apps

There are tons of fitness apps that claim to help you lose weight. Here are the 10 most popular ones based on the reviews from Play Store & Apple Store.

Check top apps for burning fat

🍎  Diets

Diets are a good way to lose fat fast. The main thing you should be aware of it that diets might create deficiencies, thus it's always good not to turn them into a long term diet.

Discover a diet that fits you

🛠 Devices

You can't improve if you don't track. Smart devices are very good at tracking these days, though they still miss a lot in being the personal trainer which helps you lose fat.

Check the best fat loss trackers

🏋️‍♂️ Exercise

There is no best exercise for losing weight. As long as you keep it consistent and do enough exercise, you should start to see results in a matter of weeks.

Choose your fat-loss exercises

💊 Supplements

While it is good to eat more of the foods that promote a healthy lifestyle, supplements for weight loss haven't been proved to be successful. We haven't discovered yet a magic pill that would burn all our fat overnight and most of the supplements that are available come with side effects. A great summary of dozens of study is available on the NIH website.

In progress

More resources for fat loss are coming.
🎙  Podcasts
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