Weight Loss Bad Habits

Our brains are stupid and our bodies are designed to store fat. Identify and eliminate those habits that might have a bad impact on your weight.

🍿  You snack

We're eating too much, too often.

🕘  You don't have a consistent eating schedule

Food is very handy and most of the time we eat even if we are not hungry.

🌙  You eat late in the evening

Chips, popcorn, and beer make watching Netflix better.

🪑  You sit too much

Our bodies are designed to run, jump, and walk all day long.

🍻  You drink too much alcohol

Who doesn't love a glass of wine with some good cheese?

🥤  You drink sugary juices

Sugar asks for more sugar.

🍔  You eat fast food

High processed food is an easy way for our bodies to accumulate fat.

🍩  You have deserts after each meal

Sugar is an easy way to boost your mood.

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